Bang & Olufsen Compatible Devices, Cables & Adaptors.

By adding the future to your system you will enjoy it so much more. You have already invested in a quality A/V system, let us help you with a few amazing upgrades to excit your senses.

An BESPOKE new range of audio cables and add ons suitable for your Bang & Olufsen Audio-Video are now available. eg: you have a pair of B&o active speakers and don’t know how to connect them. We have a product that enables you to keep on enjoying that magical B&o sound quality to use with other sound sources. B&o               Digital Perception Bespoke Powerlink adaptor. Bang & Olufsen Compatible Powerlink V3 8 Pin Din to 8 Pin Din Cables from 1 meter to what ever you require. This new series is part of our Bespoke range.               Bang & Olufsen Compatible Powerlink fully mounted RJ45 to RJ45 with HQ Cat 6A Cable. Fully grounded for new equipment. Bang & Olufsen Compatible Powerlink RJ45 to 8 Pin Din Cables. Suits connecting new equipment to older 8 Pin Din sockets. B&o B&o Compatible adaptors for connecting old to new Powerlink products. Bang & Olufsen Compatible adaptors for connecting 8 Pin Din speakers to non B&o Amplifiers. Bang & Olufsen Compatible Leads for connecting RJ45  to non B&o Amplifiers with 2 x RCA Plugs.. Eg: Core to Amplifier.   Bang & Olufsen Compatible AUX cables for connecting a iPhone or device to a B&o audio system. 5 or 7 Pin to 3.5mm plugs. Bang & Olufsen Compatible AUX cables for connecting a iPhone or device to a B&o audio system. 5 or 7 Pin to 2 x RCA plugs. Bang & Olufsen Compatible Passive Speaker Cables 2 Pin Din Plugs to 2 Pin Sockets for older speakers. Made to measure. Bang & Olufsen Compatible Passive Speaker Cables 2 Pin Din for either using non B&o Amp or Non B&o Speakers. Bang & Olufsen Compatible Datalink 7 Pin Din to 7 Pin Din leads for  B&o Amplifiers. Eg. Tape to Amp. Bang & Olufsen Compatible 5 Pin Din to 4 x RCA Leads for connecting a non B&o product to a Beomaster / BeoSound. Bang & Olufsen Compatible Phono  Adaptors  7  and 5 pin socket to 2 x RCA plugs w/ Earth Strap for connecting to a Non B&o Amplifiers. Bang & Olufsen Compatible Phono Adaptors   7 pin Plug to 2 x RCA Sockets w/ Earth Strap for connecting to a Non B&o Turn Tables. Bang & Olufsen Compatiable AUX Expander Box for when you want to connect 2 devices to a single 5 or 7 Pin amplifier Socket. Eg: Connect an iPhone and a TV to your amazing B&o sound system,. Expand your Bang & Olufsen A/V System with a Bluetooth Adaptor. Stream quality music from your iPhone, iPad, Mac computer or Bluetooth device. Enjoy your music from programs like Youtube, Spotify, iTunes and so much more. Play your movie from your device with the sound sent to your audio system. The sound via your Hi-Fi sounds much better when you play it through your Hi-Fi Upgrade your Tv to a Smart – TV by adding a latest High Quality Media Centre. Movies, TV shows and so much more can be viewed on your TV. Update your Audio System with a DAB+, FM, Internet Radio Adaptor with Bluetooth.  Enjoy your  music of every type, Pod Casts and News stations from around the world. over 50,000 stations to choose from. Millions of songs, old and new with spectacular sound quality via Spotify. We make special cables made to measure to suit your needs using high quality Bespoke materials. Proudly made in South Australia and shipped to the world E-mail us at “” or Phone us on 0433 412 613 to discuss you requirements. From South Australia we post to the World. Digital Perception – we are here to help you.