IPTV Media Center from Strong – New release

From time to time a product comes along that will change the way we view television, forever.. The new IPTV media centre from Strong Technologies does just that.

First we had Radio, B&W Television, Color TV, teletext, Video recorders, Stereo sound followed by pro-logic, DVD players, then DVD recorders, Digital TV standard, then High Definition TV , then Hard Drive recorders that replaced the VHS, DVD and Bluray recorders. How amazing is the Dolby progress. Dolby Digital started off with 5 for home sur-round sound, the 5.1  digital, 7.2 to the latest theatre Dolby 64.4  Mind bogling. Yes, thats 64 sound tracks and 4 sub-woofer soundtracks. This is the future of amazing sound.

Television has changed over the last decade. Picture tubes have gone, panels are in. LCD/LED/OLED televisions are now the norm. Radio has gone digital with internet radio offering an amazing 30,000 radio stations and growing, with thousands of pod casts. ABC Live is just one to mention.

All of the above is about to change with the invention of IPTV. This is one of the most interesting things to happen to TV. IPTV  = is unlimited  TV News, Sport, , Movies, Music, Docs and TV series from all over the world. Every country, nearly every digital radio and TV station are now closer than you think.


The new IPTV 4K Ultra TVmedia center from Strong Technologies will amaze you. 1,000’s of TV stations from around the world. We are listening and looking at live broadcasts from all parts of the globe.

The new Strong RB4K Ultra model delivers picture and sound quality like never seen before.

Here in Australia, these new developments in IPTV will change the way we view television forever.

You are welcome to e-mail me at “digital perception@live.com.au” or call me (Greg) on 0433 412 613 to discuss your new venture into this brilliant world . .

To purchase you can goto ebay and search for me, “greg200909“.  I can except credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard over the phone, Direct Bank payment or Paypal Just call me on 0433 412 613

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