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A range of high quality Digital and LTE proof TV/Radio Antennas from $39.90

A range of high quality Digital and LTE proof TV/Radio Antennas from CD 12L  from $69.90

We only offer the best quality antennas, cables, splitters, plugs, sockets and leads at great prices.









A new generation of antenna used for picking up capitol city FTA-TV stations is now available.  This Antennas are now available with a LTE Filter, so you will not get interference from the new very high powered mobile phone towers around Australia carrying the new high powered 4G, 4GX and 5G phone tower networks. Nearly 500 towers have been installed around country areas in Australia causing interferance with free to air television. Now the high powered towers are being installed into black spot inner city-metro areas.

Soon, the 2G digital phone network will be turned off followed by 3G and so on.

For more advice on how to protect yourself from LTE interference, please call.

We have a range of LTE proof Antennas, Cables, Amplifiers and a selection of LTE filters.




These antennas are made of the highest quality materials available and come with a three year warrantte.

UV protected plastics for our harsh Australian conditions.

The hardest rivets in the industry along with stainless steel screws,  powder coated body and strong elements.

Comes with a mounting bracket and a waterproof cover for the “F” connection.

You must protect your Digital TV or Recorder from this form of interference.

LTE = Long Term Evolution.


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