Vegan Food & Upside – down Music?

Upside Music +Vegan Food

What do these two have to do with each other?

Here in Adelaide a new unique Vegan Restarunt is about to open.

At xxx xxxxx Street, Adelaide fine music and fine Vegan Food is on the menu. The music is generated by one of the worlds most iconic Hi/Fi systems made in Denmark by Bang & Olufsen. As you move upstairs you feel the music from behind you, creating a sensation of anticipation as to what’s next. As you reach the top of the stairs and turn you might notice the unique B&o iconic 6 CD player. You feel your stress levels are left behind you as you enter the second level. As you are taken to your seat you notice another iconic product in the music world, but wait, are they upside down. Wow, that looks great. Hanging from the ceiling. Even better is the sound emanating from what appears is two organ pipes. Yes, you guested it another B&o iconic pair of loud speakers in the shape of a pencil. The music is now preparing you for the next surprise, The Vegan Menu.

More details will be added closer to opening time within a few weeks. Watch this space.

Enjoy your experience.

Fine Music + Fine Vegan Food

Eat a healthy life style

By Greg Ferres

Over the next few months I will be adding interesting articles to this page.

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