IPTV Media Centre with remote control

An Amazing package for JUST $249. Delivered.

The new SRT RB4K model from Strong is turning heads.

Join the wonderful 4K ULTRA High Quality Video world of free TV/movies via Youtube and more,

Join the biggest video/Movie/TV series collection on earth from Nextflix.

Watch missed programs from ABC – iView, SBS back watch, 10 Play and so much more from FREEVIEW..

Play Radio and TV stations from around the world.

Choose from thousands  pod casts.

Play all your home movies from the pleasure of your arm chair.

Connect via a HDMI cable and connect to you internet.

This amazingly compact unit will do it all.

Turn you TV into a smarter, than Smart TV.

Phone 0433 412 613 or e-mail us at “digitalperception@live.com.au”

One thought on “IPTV

  1. The introduction of IPTV will change the way we view Television.
    We now can watch what we want, when we want and without all the commercials.
    Move over FTA, make way for major changes in the way we watch T V.

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