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Strong RB-4K Quad Core,  HD,  Media Player

4K Ultra TV Media Center from Strong Technologies

Complete 4K Package

Just $299  Save $69 with

Free HDMI Cable

Free Wireless Mouse

Free Aust Post Air Express Postage


A superior quality 4K Media Centre.  Just like adding a computer to your TV.

Simply, turn your Television into a very smart TV.

Amazing picture quality from either an old TV or the latest model TV.

Packed full of features. Here is just a few to mention..

v Play High Definition Movies, music and photos on your old or HD TV with amazing results;

v Quad Core, Android operating system 4.2.2 (RK3188 Cortex A9 1.8 Ghz)

v Full internet Web Brouser installed (Google Chrome available via Playstore);

v Access HD Movies content via Netflix, Hulu, SMH and much more:

v Access Google Playstore for Apps, Games, Movies and 1,000’s of apps;

v Watch Multimedia files via one of 2 x USB sockets or Micro SD Card reader, plays any files format;

v Suitable for KODI and other media apps;

v Built in Bluetooth,  ideal for Skype calls (Camera required for video calls);

v Built in Wi-Fi, plus LAN (RJ45) Great for high speed downloads or streaming without stopping and starting. (Subject to your download speed);

v Built in 2 x USB ports. Great for extra memory from a USB stick or USB Hard drive. Supports 3TB hard drives.

v The USB ports can except a wired mouse and key board, but I recommend a wireless mouse for easy operation from the comfort of your lounge.

v Access YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Playstore, all direct to your television screen with amazing picture and sound quality. You will be amazed when you play a HD Movies or Music clips through you current TV, old or new;

v Features also include a Rotatable, Wi-Fi antenna for strong signal strength;

v You can even plug in your phone and charge it via USB;

v If you own a newer LCD/LED High Definition panel you will love the 1080 HD quality;

v If you also own an old picture tube television, you will also be surprised by how good it looks on your TV. Normally, connecting a HD device to a lesser lined TV would result in poor quality, except the Strong box has a special output socket and settings for analog TV’s and recorders.

v Very easy to operate via its remote control. Hot buttons enable you to go directly to the WEB, Media, Setting and Apps and adjust volume and the remote also acts as a mouse. (After using this amazing device, I highly recommend a cordless mouse. Its great to be sitting in your lounge and having simple overall control);

v Easy to load a music program to listen to endless music types;

v Wi-Fi supports DNLA

v CPU and GPU: 2GB RAM 16GB built in storage.

I personally recommend this new device. To my wives delight we have owned the RB2 model for 5 months. My family and friends are delighted with this amazing little product. You to will be surprised on how easy it is to step into the future with IPTV.

You will love playing back all those home generated movies on your Rock Box.

Down load Pandora and enjoy thousands of programs and music.

Watch youTube movies and video clips on your large screen TV.

It is very easy to use and with great results. I turned my TV that was made before smart TV was available, into a very smart TV. Smarter than any mart TV. The features will blow you away.

Whats included in the Box. 

1 x Brand new – Rock Box RB4K

1 x Brand new – Remote Control.

1 x Brand new – Batteries for Remote Control

1 x Brand new – Power Pack

1 x Brand new – Connecting cable 3.5mm to 3 x RCA lead.

1 x Brand new – Instruction book.

1 x Free Brand new HQ – HDMI Cable 4K High Speed

1 x Free Postage, straight to your home or office.

The RB4K Rock Box will be sent to you via  Australia Post Air Express.

If you require a Wireless Mouse or a Hard Drive, Longer HDMI cable, just let me know, this can be sold separately.

Please note: To receive IPTV you must have an internet connection.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward hearing from you.


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